Did you know…? There will be hardly a luxury vehicle, which we can not offer you at short notice at the best conditions. Even if the desired vehicle is not listed here!
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International 24 h Service Hotline: +49 [0] 151/50 677 592
  • Why to chose the Luxury Car Group ?
    We offer all of our services dependably FROM ONE SOURCE. Our company specialized on discreet dealings with sophisticated clients through many years of practical experience. Our clients appreciate the uncomplicated and smooth service, which is just one part of our company’s principles. As we put all our attention to customer focus, we consider it to be our job to help you 24/7 to realize every imaginable wish you have.
    Luxury Car Group
  • Clients of the Luxury Car Group?
    „You have to beat the drum for your business“, but we will NOT name people and companies in public, as we treat customer information discretely. However, we provide information about our numerous and notable references face-to-face.
  • Where to find the Luxury Car Group?
    Paris, Kitzbühel, Zurich, Cannes, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Monte Carlo, Nice, Porto Cervo, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome… Well, our company is spread all over Europe. Wherever you want to make demands on our services, our well spread network of companies ensures extremely short response times.
  • Does the Luxury Car Group also offer other luxurious services?
    We offer the following services:

    More VIP-Services
  • Are the above mentioned luxurious services and VIP services available everywhere?
    Almost every service we provide is available in every of Europe’s most important cities. Special services, which require indispensable preconditions, such as yacht charter needs appropriate harbors, are only available at predestinated destinations. However, most of our services are available Europe-wide.
    Availability of the VIP offers
  • Do you offer the latest vehicles?
    Style and top-notch quality. If you are already one of our highly appreciated clients you shall have experienced the basic philosophy of our company. Only the best products and services are to be found in our portfolio, as we consider the best to be barely good enough for you. Satisfy yourself of our service, lean back and enjoy… We make your dreams happen at a first-class price.
    Topicality, quality
  • Does the Luxury Car Group offer vehicles which are not listed?
    As certain models of cars change over a very short period of time, there is a fair chance that few of our luxury cars are not listed at our homepage yet. Do not hesitate to contact us. There are hardly any vehicles, which we cannot offer within a short period of time.
    Vehicle not found
  • How can I get in touch with you? Is there a callback service? When are you available?
    You can easily make a callback request online – just fill in the corresponding form and the time you want to be called. The „Contact us“ button will lead you to different possibilities to get in touch with us or to request a callback. In case of urgency, you can call us anytime under our International 24 h Service Hotline: +49 [0] 151/50 677 592.
    Call-back service, contact form, 24 hour service
  • Is it possible to make demands on vehicles or VIP-services in the long term?
    Every offered vehicle and service can be provided over any period of time, so that it matches your requirements.
    rental period
  • Why is the Luxury Car Group able to do this?
    We have got short delivery routes and a car pool of our own. Also, you do not get our specialists and professionals from a second party, but straight from the horse’s mouth.
    How does it work?
  • What is the Luxury Car Rental?
    Our extraordinary, top notch car pool is available all over Europe. Take advantage of the provided luxurious mobility in any European city. Everything you request will be part of our portfolio, from Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini to Rolls Royce. We offer the latest models of all premium car manufacturers.

    There will not be any wrong entries or long queues at European airports if you rent at our company – you will always get exactly what you have ordered. Furthermore, it is part of our service that you do not have to come and see us, but we will go to wherever you need us. A member of our friendly and professional staff will wait for you with the ordered luxury car, no matter where you arrive.

    Every single car we provide is set at the highest level of configuration and perfectly serviced in short intervals. You can get any car in any region of Europe within 24 hours.
    Luxury Car Rental
  • What is Car Rental?
    Our Car Rental car pool (business and first class) is also set at the highest level of configuration, so that nothing is left to be desired. We offer products of premium car manufacturers, such as AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES, MINI, RANGE ROVER, PORSCHE and some trendy exotic cars, which are in at the moment. We have got whatever you want at any place you want.

    Mobility – first class and adjusted to…
    A ski trip in the Alps, a beach holiday at the French Riviera or a business meeting in one of Europe’s metropolises. We guarantee your mobility. Requests, which are insolvable problems to others, are a welcomed challenge to us.
    Car Rental
  • Does the Luxury Car Group also offer yachts?
    Chartering a luxurious yacht is one of the most pleasant amenities in life.

    The Luxury Car Group helps you to get a charter agreement just as you imagine it to be. We take care of the details. We offer the most luxurious yachts in the world for the most sophisticated customers. Enjoy the overall service package of a mindful, discreet and professional crew. Benefit from our dedication and expertise. We would be pleased to provide you with a list of the available yachts, which match your ideas and we would like to help you with advice about the crew, which suits you best.

    We are a company with relentless pursuit of perfection, so that we want to meet our expectations of quality, comfort and atmosphere with the yacht that is just perfect for you. Your captain and the purser will provide you a professional and attentive five-star service at every harbor during your cruise.

    Cast off!
    Luxury Yachtcharter
  • Does the Luxury Car Group also offer private jets?
    A classy trip needs a private jet of the Luxury Car Group.

    Do you want your high-class journey to be perfect right from the beginning, just like you have always imagined it? Do you want to avoid long queues and waiting hours at the airport? Set your own departure time and enjoy the catering and the service according to your wishes.

    We have different jets available, which take you to any destination - with confidentiality, professionalism and flexibility. We make any dream reality and fly you to the destination of your choice.

    Welcome on board, ...ready for take off?
    Luxury Privat-Jet
  • What is the Private Real Estate or the Luxury Car House of the Luxury Car Group?
    Luxury at its best – e.g. at your holiday residence?
    Do you want an exclusive penthouse or a suite at a paradisiac place as your principal residence or as a secondary residence? Or can you maybe see your luxurious real estate as an investment?

    Our qualified real estate professionals will advise you and learn your requests during the preliminary discussion. We’ll react quickly and discreetly to your special requests right where you are.

    Dip into our pool at one of our classy chalets in the Alps, fincas in Spain or choose the modern mansion at the French Riviera.

    Welcome to your new home!
    Private Real Estate,Luxury House
  • Where is the head office of the Luxury Car Group?
    The strategic choice of the position of our head office in „Berchtesgaden“ is the direct consequence of a flourishing business development. Big and bright offices, an appealing show room, safe underground parking for our car pool and short distances to the airports were crucial for our choice. Our other service teams are located in cities such as Paris, Kitzbühel, Zurich, Cannes, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Monte Carlo, Nice, Porto Cervo, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome and many other European cities.
    Get Directions to Our Location
    Luxury Car Group Head-Office
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